Hello, I wanted to know more about what Islam says about Jesus?


Welcome to our site, and I am very happy that you are interested in learning about Islam. You are doing the right thing by searching for the truth. What the scholars state is that we have to go away from the innovations and commercialism that have been added on to Christianity, such as the trinity and vicarious atonement, and get back to the original message, which is worshipping One God alone.

Yes, it is very important that one remove the falsehoods that have been added on to Jesus’, peace be upon him, teachings. He never told anyone to worship him. How could he, he came to call people to worship one God alone. He himself fell on his face in prostration to God. God cannot be three and one at the same time. This is a innovated teaching that Jesus never taught.

What we all have to do is abondon these falsehoods that have been added on, and turn to God alone. There is no God worshipped in truth except the One God. How can a man, made of flesh and bones, be akin to God, who is Exalted beyond having any partners in His Dominion?

My advice to you, and all my Christian colleagues and aquaintances, is to stop following the new beliefs that have been inserted into Christianity and go back to the original message, which is to worship God alone. The Messiah Jesus is the son of Mary, and a spirit from God, but God does not need to have His Son sacrificed in order to forgive our sins, He can forgive us if we simply turn to Him and repent.

Thank you so much for stopping by our website, and please continue your search for the truth about Islam.

Please also have a look at our book, The Noble Status of Jesus and Mary in Islam and open your heart, and I pray that God guides you to truth.

Take care,