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Question: Salam. Can you suggest me the best source of islamic jurisprudence book that gives me the strong basic in this science?? Thank a lot ! Answer: Walaikum salam wrt wb beloved brother, All praises are due to Allah. You have asked about something great, which is seeking knowledge. This is one of the greatest […]

Question: From John: How can we change things to keep the rest of the world from dragging us down with it. surely we have to stand up. Answer: Hi John, thanks for your question, and I pray that Allah (God) guide you and make better your condition. The human being after birth starts out with […]


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Question: as wr wb immam sahib did music allow in islam . Answer: Praises are to Allah, and peace be upon prophet Muhammed. Walaikum salam wrb, The ulema have stated that listening to music is opposite of listening to Allah’s message, leads to disobedience, and encourages people to be heedless to the ulema. Music also […]

Question: Can qurbani meat be used for food as a fundraiser for the maintenance of a masjid? Answer: Praises are to Allah, and peace be upon prophet Muhammed. For the Udhiya, that is the animal sacirificed on eid-ul-adha, it is recommended to give 1/3 to poor, 1/3 to friends and family, and 1/3 for oneself. […]

Question: Can you give Sadaqah / Zakat to non-Muslims even if they have no inclination towards being accepting Islam . They may not dislike islam but not interested in accepting Islam. Answer: All praise is due to Allah. May Allah reward you dear brother for your question. One of the categories to whom we may […]

Question: What is your opinion about Jamaat tabligh? Answer: The tabligh work involves invitation for people to come back to Islam, and invitation to knowledge, and is something that should be supported. Unfortunately there were some jokers that went to some of the big contemporary ulema, and told them that tabligh as a methodology are […]