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Hi, I’m a person thinking about converting to islam…. these kinda of things are great to come across. I’ve been reading alot watching videos on you tube and meeting muslims.  It’s all so interesting…. i’ve met different types of muslims… they seem nice… think the media is a little unfair.


Peace be on the followers of guidance,

I am delighted to hear that you are learning the truth about Islam.  You are absolutely correct, the media has not been fair towards the religion of Islam.  They rarely if ever show the perspective of Islamic scholars on an issue.  Rather, they prefer to have non-Muslim ‘experts’ give commentary on Islam.  Would such people really give you an unbiased account of our religion? 

I recommend all people out there to learn about Islam from Muslims.  You will find that Islam is the  path that was taught by all of the noble Prophets, a way of devoting oneself to One God alone, and earning eternal happiness in the afterlife. 

I hope you hasten to learn more about Islam, since one never knows when their appointed time for meeting God (death) will come.   Becoming Muslim is very easy, one simply states: “I bear witness that there is no diety worshipped in truth save God alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad was His final Messenger.”

Thank you so much for visiting and please do no hesitate to ask if we can help in any way.

May God guide you on the path of truth.


What does Islam say about the attempted bombing in Times Square in New York?



All praises are due to Allah alone, and may peace be upon His beloved Messenger.

The unfortunate event that took place in Times Square is absolutely prohibited by the pure Shari’ah of Islam.  Islam commands Muslims to uphold their covenants and treaties, and to abide by the rules of their society within which they live peacefully.  If we search the books of Fiqh, and the opinions of the four Madhaahab and others, we find that they prohibit a Muslim who enters a non-Muslim land peacefully with the permission of its rulers from betraying this covenant by harming anyone in that land.

The Prophet Muhammad, alayhi as salaam, stated: “Whoever gives a covenant of peace to a person to protect his life and wealth, and then kills him, than I am free from the murderer, even if the one killed were to be a disbeliever.”

Let me further clarify by saying that in order to term an action or group as ‘Islamic’ , its actions must be in accordance to Islam, and its noble Shari’ah.  These actions must be in accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah, as properly understood by the Ulema, in accordance to the rules of interpretation, in order to call them Islamic.  The sources of Islam are the Qur’an, the Sunnah, ‘Ijma, and Qiyaas.  The actions of people have no bearing on Islamic Law.

The actions of some fanatics who disregard the Islamic scholarly tradition, and follow their nufoos (desires) in contravention to the Shari’ah, are to be regarded as “un-Islamic”.  Such people should properly be referred to has “harbis” or “bughaat”, i.e. those who wage rebellion.  Their actions can in no way be construed as ‘jihad’ in its legal sense.  It is imperative that the media abide by the conventions of impartiality and refrain from rushing to attribute to Islam what has no basis in its authentic sources.

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Allah Most High knows best.

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