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From John:
How can we change things to keep the rest of the world from dragging us
down with it. surely we have to stand up.


Hi John, thanks for your question, and I pray that Allah (God) guide
you and make better your condition.

The human being after birth starts out with no knowledge, and learns
as life goes on. Unfortunately many of the things humans learn are
wrong. These humans have to learn what is right, to correct
these wrong conceptions. The human would look at different ideas
to try to sort things out, make sense of things, and seek and
search for what is correct.

What is easier is if the human learns from Allah, Who sent the
scriptures to mankind to teach them and guide them to what is
correct. Most of these scriptures had been altered, however
the Quran remains in its original and authentic form, which
has been copied and spread throughout the world. Allah sent
the Quran for all mankind, and for all time, and as a guidance
and correction for the mistakes of mankind.

If humans follow Allah’s guidance, it will be beneficial for
them. Otherwise the world will be making the situation more
and more worse.

All humans have to devote themselves to the teachers of Allah’s
guidance, and not disregard it. They should not have an aversion
to it.

Thanks for posing your question, and it would be a pleasure
to hear from you again.

And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid


My question was is stoning adulterer still permissible in this day and age or was is something used for just a period? What did the prophet Muhammad say about it was stoning one of the law changed?


All praise be to Allah, the all-Wise Lawgiver.

Before answering your question, it is necessary to put our conversation in perspective. So let us look at some of the evil effects that adultery has on society.

– Over 42 million babies are killed every year through abortion worldwide.
– This equates to approximately 115,000 babies killed by abortion every day, or almost two babies killed every second.

Those who are not killed may end up without parents in orphanages, or abondoned or otherwise live without family.

If we look at societies where adultery is prevelant, we also find that divorce rate is beyond 60% . In many of these societies, people no longer even see the need to marry.

In these societies, countless young girls are sold into prostitution or otherwise exploited through the sex industry.

Now, to answer your question, the punishment for adultery in Islam is the same as in the Bible. However, in Islam the purpose is not to punish but to deter, and for this reason the punishment exists but it is rarely applied. This is because, unless there is voluntary admission, there must be 4 just male eyewitnesses who see penetration in order for the punishment to be applied. This has never occured in Islamic history.

But the punishment remains there like a whip hanging above the would-be adulterer’s head, so that he or she is deterred from this evil. All the parts of the body that would enjoy this evil relationship would also fear the effects of the punishment.

Also, such punishment cannot be applied in the West or outside the just framework of an Islamic state.

At the same time, Islam teaches that one must hide their sin, so if a woman or man did commit this, they should not make it public, but repent for it, and God will forgive them, and He is Merciful.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked about two jews who committed adultery. He asked that the Torah be brought, and they took it out but covered up some of the verses. He told them to move their hands, and they were hiding the verses of stoning for adultery.

Allah knows best.



I dont mean to be rude but what was the reason for the prophet muhammad pbuh taking asiah as his wife at 9? I only ask because i want to come to his defense but im not educated on this matter. sorry if this question seemed inappropreiate but i had to ask it from my own knowledge and understanding. salaam!


All praise are due to Allah.


The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was the most noble of men to ever live, and the kindest of people to women.  He honored women and cancelled out the barbaric practice of killing infant daughters that existed prior to Islam, and commanded men to be kind to women.  He said, “Show kindness to women, for indeed they are fragile vessels among you .”

In our culture, one may assume that a man marrying a young woman would be exploiting her, since she is defenseless.  But according to Islamic Law, a man cannot marry a woman without the consent of her guardian, her father.  Any attempt to exploit a woman would be checked by her father, who would ensure that his daughter is protected and her rights are preserved, and that the marriage would be permanent and long term.

Regarding his marriage to ‘Aisha, there are many great wisdoms for this marriage, and it in no way detracts from his character, rather it shows the nobility of his character.  ‘Aisha’s father, Abu Bakr, trusted the Prophet peace be upon him so much, that he was willing to wed him his own daughter.  The Prophet Muhammad pbuh loved and respected Aisha, and treated her as a noble wife, and honored her.

Furthermore, Aisha was proposed to before the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him asked for her hand in marriage.  This indicates that such marriages were common in Arabia, and that women attained puberty earlier in such environs. 

We also note that ‘Aisha herself loved Prophet Muhammad, and devoted her life to teaching his sayings, called hadith.  In fact, another wisdom behind the Prophet’s marriage to her was because of her intelligence, and so that she could remain a leading scholar and judge many years after the Prophet’s death, a role which she indeed fulfilled.  She was the second most prolific narrator of Prophetic hadiths, and a top judge whom all the Prophet’s companions referred to for judicial rulings, a great honor indeed.


And Allah knows best.


Some Christians like to say that Allah is a pre islamic moon god. Can you please help me understand this and how can we help christians understand we dont worship a moon god?


All praise are due to Allah.

The Arabic word Allah and the Hebrew word Eloh are linguistic congnates, which connote a single meaning, that is the One true God of the heavens and the earth.  There is no other god save He.  Whatever language one is speaking in, and whichever name one uses, there is only one true God.

Whoever states that Allah is a god other than the one true God of the heavens and the earth, then they should be asked why the Jews in Madina, at the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, worshipped Allah.  The cheif Rabbi in Madina was named Abd-Allah, which translates as “servant of Allah.”  (He later accepted Islam).  Christians, Jews, and Muslims, when speaking in Arabic, use the word Allah to refer to God. 

Islam was the religion of all the Prophets, from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.  May Allah guide all of the sincere people out there to see the truth and light of Islam.

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