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Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to have a male physician, nurse, etc deliver her baby?


All praise be to Allah.

I pray that you are well and that Allah accept from our righteous actions.

The Ulema state that women receiving medical attention should be treated by Muslim female doctors and nurses. If this is not possible, then non-Muslim female doctors or nurses should be sought. If this is not available, then a Muslim male doctor should be sought. Finally, if none are available, then a non-Muslim male doctor or nurse is permissable.

This is due to necessity. Care should be taken to only uncover the parts of the ‘aura (private area, anything other than hands and face) that are necessary for treatment, and only for the duration of time needed.

A male doctor (whether Muslim or not) should never be alone with a female patient, rather a relative should always be present.

Male nurses, helpers, etc, that are not needed for the medical treatment should not be present when the ‘aura is uncovered.

Once the necessity has passed, matters return to their original ruling, and the ‘aura should be guarded from uncovering.

In the case mentioned, if no female doctors are available, as is often the case, then there is no harm in a male doctor doing the delivery.

The fiqh principle involved in such cases is: al mushaqqatu tajlib at tayseer (overbearing hardship brings ease) and ad durooraat tuqaddaru bi qadariha (necessities are limited by their extent).

As a side note, this issue highlights the importance of Muslim sisters advancing in the field of women’s medicine to fulfill this need of the Muslim community.

And Allah knows best.


is it haram to trick or treat


All praise is due to Allah.

May Allah reward you young sister for your noble question. You are doing the right thing by seeking knowledge. It is always good to get closer to our Ulema and love them very much. If you seek knowledge and follow Allah’s commandments, Allah will make you very happy in this world, and in the Paradise He will give you everything that your heart desires.

It is not allowed to celebrate halloween or trick-or-treat. Trick or treat and halloween are from the innovated or new customs that Allah did not give any permission for. Rather people who do not believe in Allah invented this custom. If we imitate them then we will be following a wrong path that will lead us away from Allah and towards the path of the Shaitan.

In Islam it is not permissable to dress up and imitate animals. Wearing costumes that have images on them is not allowed either, since only Allah can create living things.

Also, eating too much sugar can be bad for your teeth and make them fall out. Sometimes evil things happen during halloween. Many times youth damage property and steal things from the young kids.

By the way, Muslims are discouraged from begging from people, whether it is for money or candy or anything else, unless there is a real need. You can save your money or perhaps your parents can buy anything you need for you.

During these blessed days of Dhul Hijja we should remember our father Ibrahim, and the great sacrifice he made. He was ready to sacrifice his beloved son to answer Allah’s commandments. Should not we be ready to sacrifice the things we love also, such as candy and unIslamic customs, to please Allah?

If you give up these unislamic customs, Allah will give you something better.

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, ‘Whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will grant him something better in return.’

May Allah reward you for your question.

And Allah knows best.


Aslam o Alakam, I (32 years) and my whole family embraced Islam on 13 November 2010 including mom, dad, 3 brothers, 1 sister and repented from Qadianism/Ahmadiyyat but my wife (marriage held 8 Nov 2009 according qadiani law) did not embraced Islam and still following Qadianism/Ahmadiyyat and living with her parents home in other city and my daughter (3months) is still with her. I through phone and letters try to convince her and offered her to embrace Islam but she refused. Please answer the following questions.
1. What is the status of my marriage? Do I need to have any judicial judgment?
2. What are my responsibilities towards my wife and daughter?
3. Is she has a right of maintenance? Dower? Dowry article? Inheritance?
4. Who have the right of custody/hazanat of daughter?


Praises are to Allah, and peace be upon prophet Muhammed.
Qadianism is a great deviation that takes a person out of the fold
of Islam, and is a result of people following their “hawa” (whims),
instead of following the ulema. Anyone that does not give up this
grave deviated belief is a kafir (disbeliever), that will enter the hell
fire along with the other disbelievers. This is because they failed
to listen the ulema, who convey the message of Allah, and were averse to them.

If they repent, and believe in the correct teachings brought to us
by our noble predecessor ulema, then they will be on the right faith.
Otherwise they have rejected the guidance that Allah has brought to
mankind, and following new innovated false beliefs, just like what
was innovated in other religions.

The revelation of Allah flows from Angel Gabriel, to prophet
Muhammed , may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, to the sahabah, then to the people that follow them afterwards, in that chain.

Nevertheless, by being kind, and using wise words, hopefully you
can convince the people that are on this deviated belief to rid
themselves of this false innovated aqeedah (beliefs), follow the
aqeedah (beliefs) of our rightly guided predecessors, listen and be
devoted to our noble ulema.

For your questions,

1. Qadianis are given the same rulings as murtads (apostates). After you accepted the right belief, your wife remains for the duration of the iddat (normally 3 menstrual cycles). After that, if she does not accept the right belief, she is divorced.

2. After the iddat period, you are no longer responsible to support
your wife, except if you owed something to her. You may still get
back together after that if she repents. If she demands something for breastfeeding your daughter, you must provide her a reasonable compensation.

For your daughter, you have to provide her support, and this amount becomes a debt on you.

3. The maintenance is during the iddat period. After that, if you don’t
expect to be together, you no longer have to provide her support. For
your daughter, you have to continue providing for her, and teach her the correct beliefs; and rid her of the false innovated ideas that may have been said to your daughter.

The dower is the wife’s after sexual enjoyment with her, regardless
of if it is a monetary amount or an article. If she does not
repent, she does not inherit from you, nor do you inherit from her.
Disbelievers do not inherit from believers, and believers do not
inherit from disbelievers. If she is no longer your wife you
could leave her a bequest.

4. In this situation, where she does not repent, the child would go
the custody of the believing parent, according to the Islamic law.
If the legal system of the land prevents that custody, it is excused
because of compulsion.

This is the rulings according to the Islamic law, and Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid


Can you give Sadaqah / Zakat to non-Muslims even if they have no inclination towards being accepting Islam . They may not dislike islam but not interested in accepting Islam.


All praise is due to Allah.

May Allah reward you dear brother for your question. One of the categories to whom we may pay our Zakah are those whose hearts are to be reconciled with Islam (al-mua’lafati qulubuhum).

The Fuqaha state that this category of people are either new Muslims who are yet to become firm in their faith, or non-Muslims whose hearts would be attracted to Islam if given this charity.

The determination of which non-Muslims should be given the zakah was generally made by the Caliph. Sayyidna Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, felt that the Ummah had become strong enough in his time that it was no longer needed to spend Zakah on this category.

Giving zakat or sadaqa to non-Muslims through food, etc can have a very beneficial effect of attracting them to the deen.

In all cases, Zakah or Sadaqah should not be given to those who will use it to disobey Allah or to advance the cause of disbelief.

And Allah knows best.


Hi, I’m a person thinking about converting to islam…. these kinda of things are great to come across. I’ve been reading alot watching videos on you tube and meeting muslims.  It’s all so interesting…. i’ve met different types of muslims… they seem nice… think the media is a little unfair.


Peace be on the followers of guidance,

I am delighted to hear that you are learning the truth about Islam.  You are absolutely correct, the media has not been fair towards the religion of Islam.  They rarely if ever show the perspective of Islamic scholars on an issue.  Rather, they prefer to have non-Muslim ‘experts’ give commentary on Islam.  Would such people really give you an unbiased account of our religion? 

I recommend all people out there to learn about Islam from Muslims.  You will find that Islam is the  path that was taught by all of the noble Prophets, a way of devoting oneself to One God alone, and earning eternal happiness in the afterlife. 

I hope you hasten to learn more about Islam, since one never knows when their appointed time for meeting God (death) will come.   Becoming Muslim is very easy, one simply states: “I bear witness that there is no diety worshipped in truth save God alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad was His final Messenger.”

Thank you so much for visiting and please do no hesitate to ask if we can help in any way.

May God guide you on the path of truth.


Hello, I wanted to know more about what Islam says about Jesus?


Welcome to our site, and I am very happy that you are interested in learning about Islam. You are doing the right thing by searching for the truth. What the scholars state is that we have to go away from the innovations and commercialism that have been added on to Christianity, such as the trinity and vicarious atonement, and get back to the original message, which is worshipping One God alone.

Yes, it is very important that one remove the falsehoods that have been added on to Jesus’, peace be upon him, teachings. He never told anyone to worship him. How could he, he came to call people to worship one God alone. He himself fell on his face in prostration to God. God cannot be three and one at the same time. This is a innovated teaching that Jesus never taught.

What we all have to do is abondon these falsehoods that have been added on, and turn to God alone. There is no God worshipped in truth except the One God. How can a man, made of flesh and bones, be akin to God, who is Exalted beyond having any partners in His Dominion?

My advice to you, and all my Christian colleagues and aquaintances, is to stop following the new beliefs that have been inserted into Christianity and go back to the original message, which is to worship God alone. The Messiah Jesus is the son of Mary, and a spirit from God, but God does not need to have His Son sacrificed in order to forgive our sins, He can forgive us if we simply turn to Him and repent.

Thank you so much for stopping by our website, and please continue your search for the truth about Islam.

Please also have a look at our book, The Noble Status of Jesus and Mary in Islam and open your heart, and I pray that God guides you to truth.

Take care,

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